Cloud migration options

If your company is on-premises, running classic apps and operations. You’re working with rigid and expensive systems. They may have been running for the past 5, 10, or even 20 years. And you’re considering to move to cloud. Here are the selection options for migration to cloud.

Rip and replace

The first option is to move directly: what we refer to as rip and replace. This approach is the most disruptive because it involves a complete redesign of applications from scratch, using only cloud-native components.

Lift and shift

Next is lift and shift, where existing applications are moved to be hosted in the cloud, and current infrastructure components are replaced with cloud-equivalent components. This is a great way to move forward with data center retirement and move from capital expenditure (CapEx) to operating expense (OpEx). Lift and shift is a way to get a foothold in the cloud that teams can then use as a base to modernize from. Unfortunately though, companies won’t get all the benefits of moving to the cloud by simply shifting their existing non-cloud-native apps and operations into the cloud.

Improve and move

Improve and move is the way of modernizing systems that we’re focused on. This involves improving the systems and applications that a business currently has, even if that means doing it on-premises, and then migrating those systems and applications to the cloud at a later time that works best for the business. Of the three options, this one presents the easiest path to the cloud.