Effortless Bulk Emailing

Do you need to send personalized emails to numerous recipients? 

Using the same email template but customizing the content for each recipient can be time-consuming and error-prone if done manually.

MailMee is here to help!

Introducing MailMee, the ultimate extension for Google Workspace designed to streamline your email communication needs. Whether you’re coordinating with a large audience or managing internal processes, MailMee simplifies and enhances your email campaigns.

Effortless Bulk Emailing

Easily send emails to a large group of recipients with just a few clicks. Perfect for efficiently reaching your entire audience.

Seamless Integration with Google Workspace

Use your existing workspace email drafts as templates, saving time and ensuring consistency across your communications.

Simplified Mail Campaigns

Launch effective mail campaigns effortlessly. MailMee provides a straightforward solution to manage and execute your email marketing strategies.

Optimized for Internal Communication

Streamline internal processes using MailMee for company-wide private emails, updates, and more. Keep your team informed and engaged with minimal effort.

Experience the ease and efficiency of MailMee, and transform the way you manage your email communications within Google Workspace. Try MailMee today and see how it can simplify your email tasks.